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Uma X1

Time:2017-04-28 16:33:16 Browse:752

Size Expanded:110cm*57cm*85cm Folded:125cm*45cm*57cm

weight :About 17kg(battery)
Load ≤ 120 kg
Frame :Yunbike Aluminium frame
Tire size 12inch*1.75
Controller:High quality sine wave
Display:Full LED display
Power Take-off:240w.36v.high efficient brushless DC motor
Power mode:EV
Battery:Samsung lithium battery
6 Protection techniques:Temperature protection,battery equalization,overcharge protection,over current protection,short-circuit protection,over discharge protection
Charging time:4H
With USB:one USB port under the LED display
Diagnosis by APP:Condition check for motor,battery wire,under-voltage protection,etc
Special device by APP:Custom color of light inside handlebar,different sound modes
Firmware upgrade by APP:zhixingche support ISO 8.0,Android 4.4